Where do we start…?

The decision has been made… we are off at the beginning of March 2016 to Kampala, Uganda.

Now what…where do we start.

First things first, we have flights booked. Secondly, we have our dog booked onto the same flight. It’s a good start. But we are struggling to do much planning as we just can’t find out a lot of the information we need. Perhaps you can help? We have a few months to get organised but we only have the internet at our disposal to figure everything out. And the internet is not proving overly useful right now.

We hope that by starting this blog before we go helpful expats or Ugandans on the ground in Kampala may just stumble across us and be able to point us in the right direction for a few things.

It will help us too as we’ll document our journey between now and March as we prepare to make the move. We have lots to do here in the UK before we go and even more to do on arrival in Kampala.

Here is a brief synopsis of just a few of our concerns….

  • Finding a suitable house. We need a decent sized house in a nice area with a good amount of space for the dog. We don’t want it to cost a fortune. How do we find a house? We’ve checked out various websites but they all seem quite limited and when we make enquiries online we get no reply…
  • Where should we live? I’m quite keen on the Muyenga/Tank Hill area but open to suggestions…
  • Buying a car. We want to buy a car pretty quickly on arrival. What’s the best car for us to get and how much should it cost? I believe we need a bank account before we can buy a car. Do we need an address for a bank account? what comes first the chicken or the egg!?
  • Walking the dog… is it just muzungus that walk their dogs in Kampala? Where are good places to walk the dog? Will the dog be ok!?
  • Internet – we’ve heard that the internet has picked up pace since 2009. Who is the best provider and how much should it cost? We will both need to work remotely so we will need the internet.
  • Mobile phones. Best provider, packages available?
  • Health – Anti-malarials – to take or not to take….. that is the question. On a long term basis i’m unsure.

So that is just for starters…a few things we need to think about, a few things we can’t find out much information about. If you are living in Kampala then please get in touch!

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