Madge the dog


One of our biggest concerns is the transportation and importation of the hound. We’ve had Madge for nearly 2 years now. She is a two and a half year old mix breed originally from Ireland!

We rescued her at 8 months old and she has become a firm fixture in our lives. We quickly realised that getting a dog was a huge comittment. A bigger comittment than we really anticipated. It was a challenge at first but we decided to ensure having a dog didn’t become a tie we would just incorporate her into all aspects of our lives. As we work for ourselves she comes to work with us. We take her to our friends and families homes. We wanted to go on holiday… so we got her a passport and took her on a road trip across Europe. 
When we decided to relocate to Uganda we decided she had to come with us. As we are planning to be in Kampala for a minimum of a year we are sure that Madge (and us) will be happier coming with us than staying behind with the in laws.

Now the decision has been made its a case of how and what next. We want to ensure her journey is as comfortable and smooth as possible and that her life in kampala is good.

The progress so far….
1. Tickets booked. We’ve booked the hound onto our flight with klm. Weeks of research led us to make this decision and we’ve heard positive things about klm and travelling with pets.
2. Import. We know we need an import permit and we were advised to contact a Dr Alex to discuss further… Dr Alex who runs vetluv in Kampala has so far proved to be a wealth of information and I do feel somewhat reassured that bringing the dog with us is not such a hair brained thing to do after all.
3. Next steps. Appropriate dog kennel for the flight needs to be purchased and madge needs the right vacs etc to get the permit… It sounds wonderfully simple but im not sure anything runs that smoothly…and so the research and preparation continues…

Advice from anyone who has done anything like this would be greatly appreciated…

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