T – 2 months…..

Happy New Year!  

This time in exactly 2 months today we will be on the plane en route to Kampala… #scared


Emotions are pretty mixed at  the moment. We are both starting to get excited now and the realisation has started to dawn that this is actually happening!

For some time now we’ve been thinking about doing this, saying to friends and family that we want to do this. Now in 2 months we are actually doing this. Sometimes I wonder why; I lie awake at night feeling a sense of panic rising within. I have a nice life here in the UK there is nothing to run away from. Why do we need to go a start a new life half way around the world. Other times it is pure excitement and I just can’t wait! Either way it is a big deal. There are so many ifs and buts.. things that could go wrong, what if we don’t like it? What if, what if, what if!?

However I am a glass half full kind of person and I feel ready for the challenge of a new life. We are trying to get organised as much as possible in advance… my passport has been sent away for renewal and all last traces of my previous life (as a ‘Ramsay’ – pre-marriage) will be gone. (this makes me feel quite sad, I was always pretty proud to be a ‘Ramsay’!) The dog is booked in for her vacs and her import permit will be organised by the helpful Dr Alex, we have pretty much agreed to buy a car from some expats who replied to a post I put up on a Kampala expat Facebook page. I know that once we get there it will be much easier to organise things as the internet isn’t the same as being there. But the more research we do, the more contacts we can make in advance – the less scared and overwhelmed I feel.

So roll on 2016… I’m ready for something new. Even if it is something out of the ordinary…..You see; every time I log onto my Facebook page at the moment so many of my 536 (metaphorical) ‘friends’ are sharing images of their babies, young children or their baby scan photos. Or a status about what their young family is up to. It is lovely, it really is don’t get me wrong. But it is also driving me slightly crazy. I want a family too, but I also want another year or two just with Alex. Him and me taking on the world together, enjoying being us. Every time I log onto Facebook I feel like I am doing something wrong by not conforming to join my 536 ‘friends’ in the new adventures of parenthood. 

So….. T-2 months – bring it on!


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