The countdown is on…

It’s February…… it’s February… it’s FEBRUARY!!!! After months of diy and house renovation the time to go is nearly here. We’ve had these flights booked for so long it was almost as though they weren’t real. But they are. And very soon we will be on our way to Uganda. Day to day we are both so busy. With work, the finishing touches to the house and organising our life and belongings into three categories. 1. what take with us. 2. What we put into storage. 3. What we sell or bundle off to a charity shop. It’s hard to know what to take with you when you don’t know how long you’ll be away.

With our busy lives it is difficult to find time to really contemplate what we are about to do. It’s when I’m lying in bed trying to sleep that my brain floods with “what ifs” and “to dos”. By the time I’ve woken up the next day I’ve forgotten everything that was keeping me awake and I’m once again consumed with the usual hum drum of my daily life here.

I’ve always been someone who likes to be in control. I hate surprises. I have a terrible habit of reading the end of books before I’m even half the way through. I’m a nightmare. Now I’m going to Uganda with very little certainty about what comes next. #rebel

But I think I’m more ok with this than I thought I would be. I’m ready for this. Ready for the unknown. Ready to escape what I know. I’m only thirty (still young right?!?) So why not do something crazy? In fact turning thirty is something slightly to do with it. A significant birthday…. a realisation than my carefree twenties are no more. To be honest I’m surprised more people don’t up sticks and move to Africa with the trauma of turning thirty.

So I plan to blog regularly….for my family, for my friends, but mostly for me. So join us for the ride…

T-3 (and a bit) weeks….. aaaahhhh

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