Ready for the off….

With around 30 hours left before we depart for the airport I thought it was time for another blog entry. I am feeling quite a mix of emotions… scared, excited, nervous, apprehensive, ready, not ready, emotional, strong, frantic, calm. This list could go on. I don’t want to talk about it!!!!! My current plan of action is to pretend we are just going on a little holiday for a few weeks. This makes me feel so much calmer! So on to more practical things, in terms of organisation this is where we are at…



Export health certificate has been ordered from APHA (after nearly not ordering it all all – but that’s another story…) and Madge is seeing the Vet tomorrow. Import certificate is ready for the Ugandan side. Madge’s vacs are all uptodate and documented in her passport. Madges IATA certified Skydogs kennel is with us, although Madge isn’t overly enamored by it if i’m honest.


We’ve been trying to encourage her to sleep in it for the past few weeks but to little avail. She goes in it, sits down and promptly leaves again when our eyes are averted. Oh well, she will hate it even more after a 13 hour flight.

Today I bought a small water feeder. The type you’d associate with a hamster or a rabbit rather than a dog. Hoping Madge will be able to have water from it if her water spills on the flight. Again she was totally unconvinced when I showed it to her. We’ve bought her a muzzle as well. I hate the thought of her wearing it but we’ve heard rumours of stray dogs in Kampala being culled via poisoned meat so we figure its better to be safe rather than sorry.



Well we’re packed. I’ve packed around 4 times. Condensing the luggage, adding to the luggage, squashing the luggage and so on. I’m not happy about it at all. That is all I have to say on the matter. We’ve had injections, i’ve had every ailment under the sun checked out prior to departure! Our passports are valid, we can get visas on arrival. We’ve switched to PAYGs and I even have a dual sim phone ready to run a UK and UG sim side by side. Do we sound organised!? I hope so because I don’t feel it….

See you on the other side!


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