The rains have come

It was inevitable that I wasn’t going to manage to keep up the weekly blogs as time went on. There’s always something going on here or something to do. Despite the absence of mod cons such as television I feel like we don’t have masses of spare time. Whether it’s a hard-core exercise class or scottish dancing- we keep ourselves entertained! So we’ve been here five weeks now. Sometimes it feels like forever and sometimes it feels all new still!

We expected it to be pretty rainy from day 1 as We were arriving in the short rainy season but the weather has been consistently lovely. And so so hot. April is traditionally one of the wettest months of the year and ironically as April 1st dawned. It started raining. A lot. It’s not a bad thing. The temperature has dropped by around 5 degrees and it’s lovely. Like an English summers day. A perfect temperature. I can wear leggings or trousers and a thin cardigan in the evening now.

Sister Lucy and Michael have been with us for a week or so now. We sent them away on an exploration of lake bunyoni for a few days and spent a weekend in Jinja. When we went to jinja 7 years ago we stayed in the town. This time we opted for an upriver location by the water. Since a new Dan was built the main location for the rapids for rafting has moved. Left behind is a milpond like section of the nile that is stunning. A new tourist industry has developed incorporating stand up paddle boarding, kayaking and tubing. As I’m not an adrenelin seeking junkie this was right up my street. Alex and I spent a  pleasant couple of hours stand up paddling around the edge of the river in the afternoon sunshine whilst Lucy and Mike opted for a relaxing tube down the river.


We checked out the ‘source of the Nile’ and admired the beautiful view at the campsite. Alex and Michael enjoyed the camp rope swing…


Back in Kampala the rains have been causing havoc. A simple walk to school leaves my feet brown from the murran roads and my water resistant jacket is just not up to the job. As soon as it rains everyone gets into their cars. Traffic is worse than usual. (How is that even possible!?) There’s certainly not too much to do when it’s wet here so it’ll be an interesting few weeks. Whether it’ll be all day rain, Sharp showers or early morning storms it will certainly be a new experience.

Our Cairo to capetown trip of 2009 was so well executed that we managed to avoid any rainy season in Africa.(luck
more than planning I recall). So this is our first real experience of African rain!

Our first guests are off in a few days and then within days the next lot arrive. Alex’s parents! If you’re reading this Sandra and Ian… pack your waterproof!

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