Feels like home…

This week we had the arrival of Pegrams senior to celebrate. Furthermore they came bearing gifts! A full suitcase that we couldn’t manage to bring with us as well as a tent and some campbeds! It felt a bit like Christmas. Forgotten treasures in the form of photos, pictures, books, clothes and hair dye (hooray)!

As I am working we have just the weekends to explore outside of Kla. For this weekends trip we chose the Fort Portal and crater lakes region and a quick stopover in Queen Elizabeth National Park. It’s been action packed.

Accommodation had been well researched for Alex’s parents making sure their needs were met. With our new tent we took a slice of more upmarket accommodation at budget prices. The rains are pretty regular at the moment and so we knew the new tent would be in for a test.. predictably the rain came. In the day and then the night. We snatched a few hours in the afternoon rain free for a ramble around a lake and a view from the “top of the world”.

After an experience back in 2009 involving an elephant and a tent (this happened to my mum and sister not us, but I’m wary) we opted for glamping (or as they market it here- lazy camping) at the bush camp just outside the park gates. As we went to bed one of the guards hustled us over to the edge of the site where four huge hippos were merrily grazing on grass outside one of the tents. During the night we woke to hear them noisily chomping just feet away from us and I saw their shadows pass. That put a stop to my wee needing, pretty quickly. There have been some heavy rains in the park so wildlife was timid. That said we saw some elephants, buffalo, kob, warthogs and many primates. Vervets, baboons and colobus. I am such a primate fan so was very excited to get an opportunity to photograph them close up. (Pics to follow on my other blog…)

We are heading back to Kampala now.. a little later than planned. I feel like we are driving home.  I’m looking forward to my own bed, seeing the dog, etc. It is amazing how quickly I have come to feel so settled here. I’m looking forward to work and to being back in the city! I’m also looking forward to our next trip away and discovering more of this stunning country…



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