Sunday funday in Sezibwa Falls

Sezibwa Falls – Near Mukono,
At the end of a hectic week in Kampala we have been craving an opportunity to get out of the city and out into the countryside. As I said last week it is not easy to just go for a country walk here. I’d read about Ssezibwa falls, somewhere along the Jinja road after Mukono. The guidebook and google were vague and I hadn’t met anyone else who had been there so I was unsure if it was worth a visit or accessible. The Bradt guide described it as a pretty place, especially after the rains. Well we’ve had a lot of that recently. Our new housemate Mathilde was keen to road test her new car and so we decided to try to find the mysterious Sezibwa falls and try to have a country walk with the dog. We foolishly expected that traffic would be no problem on a sunday but it seems in Seeta and Mukono it was still busy and the journey to the turning for Sezibwa was very slow. Not a relaxing start to the day. I had managed to locate the falls on google maps but from experience here google maps does not give adequate directions to anywhere! It is constantly trying to take me down tiny tracks or roads that don’t exist. Still it gave us a good idea when to look for the turning or start asking people for directions! It turned out that the turning was pretty well signposted and we reached the falls without any real problems. The new car also held up very well off road. So much smoother that our little car! The waterfalls were lovely, small but gushing with water after all the rain There’s a bridge across the river and an easy path up to the top of the waterfalls. There are several paths leading off in different directions from this point as well. We walked through beautiful tea plantations, Madge bounding along off lead for the first time in weeks. We returned to the bottom of the waterfalls where we could buy drinks and we had a picnic by the river. This place is really a hidden gem. Only an hour (or less on a good day) from Kampala and it feels like you’re in the middle of the countryside. Its quiet, pretty and accessible. I think it was what we all needed and it was an enjoyable few hours. The traffic back to Kampala was far better than we imagined and we got back in good time. Accordingly to mr Bradt you can camp up at the site as well which would be beautiful. We now know where we can go for our sunday walks! Yay.

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