Uganda Marathon 2016

Uganda Marathon 2016 –

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Last month I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to work alongside a group of inspiring and fantastic individuals from the UK who have set up The Uganda Marathon. This year was the second year of this event and I was privileged to be a part of it. My job was to work as one of the photographers. The Uganda Marathon is an opportunity for international runners to join local Ugandans in a gruelling marathon around the Masaka region of Uganda. The fundraising from the international runners goes to a number of communities in the Masaka region. The international runners spend a few days prior to the event visiting the local projects and seeing where their money goes. They can then bolt on extensions to the event and see different parts of Uganda or go Gorilla trekking. Since I have been here in Uganda I have had a slightly confused and sometime negative view of the aid work that is going on here for one reason or another. There are countless NGOs in operation here and I have always been a strong believer in enterprise over aid. I never doubt the intentions of the NGOs and individuals that are working here but I sometime wonder if the money is being used as efficiently as it could be. Ofcourse this is somewhat of a generalisation and I really don’t know enough about the industry to comment with any validity, this is really just my opinion of my observations on the surface when living in Kampala. I have not been to any projects out in the field so working for the Uganda Marathon gave me an opportunity to see how money from fundraising on a smaller scale to the international NGOs that are so visible in Uganda was being used. I was really refreshed and excited to see the different projects that UGM supported. As a small scale (but steadily growing) organisation the UGM has chosen a number of projects and they contribute directly to them with the fundraising from the international runners. At a local and more grassroots level I found it easier to see how each penny could help these projects directly. I think I was also inspired by the enthusiasm and contagious excitement that was generated by the guys who were running the event and the runners who came along for the week and ran the race. On a personal note it was a great chance for me to get out of Kampala for a few days, meet some lovely people and take a lot of photos!

All photos © Katie Pegram 2016

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