Recent Adventures…the story of the Lion and the Pegram

One of the great things about living  here is that one of our old friends from uni, Danica happens to live here too. Coincidence or what! Last month a good mutual friend of Danica, Alex and I from the UK came out to visit us. Her holiday didn’t start well as she missed her connecting flight in Dubai and arrived to Uganda a day late. Unfortunately Danica and I were both working a lot of the time Gemma was here so we had to fit in trips where we could. We decided to head for Murchison Falls national park. None of us had been and Alex and I live in endless hope to seeing a Lion. Despite a number of safari trips in Uganda and South Africa we’d never managed to see one. We thought we were cursed and told Gemma, Bahati and Danica that any safari with us would almost definitely mean no lions. Murchison is stunning. Absolutely spectacular scenery. It’s not like anything i’ve seen in Uganda before and I fell in love with the landscape straight away. Due to Gemma’s delayed arrival half of our group didn’t get to Murchison until 9.30pm and so we didn’t rush off the net morning on a dawn safari opting instead to catch up on much needed sleep. By the time we entered the park it was gone 10am and hopes of seeing lions were rapidly fading. Nevertheless we saw plentiful giraffes, antelopes and elephants. Giraffes especially were everywhere, I love giraffes so I was pretty content. With the animals came the dreaded Testse flies. I hate Testse flies. They are literally evil. They hurt when they bite, they are hard to kill and they spread disease. (sleeping sickness). As soon as they started coming in to the car we put the windows up and the aircon on. Unfortunately our aircon doesn’t really work, Alex who was driving fiddled with the controls a bit and suddenly a lot of sand and grit came spurting out from the vent. Unfortunately some of this sand and grit managed to head straight for Alex’s right eye. It was not pretty. Me being me, presumed Alex was being a bit of a drama queen. Nevertheless I took control of the wheel and told Alex to sit calmly and that he would be fine in a minute. (Sympathetic wife). At that very moment Bahati rung us. He’d flagged down a ranger who was passing who had wind of a lion sighting! It was time to move. The ranger kindly led us towards said Lion in a very speedy fashion. This was it, our big moment to break the curse of the lions. I’ve not driven much off road so I did not impress the invalid with my driving skills, but I managed to catch up with the others and the ranger until he stopped. The lion was barely visible from the main road so the ranger let us hop into his truck and he drove closer, as we stood peering out from the roof, snap happy at getting so close. Where was Alex during all this you ask… well despite rinsing his eye out with most of our drinking water supply he was pretty stricken. Infact he was not happy at all. Apparently it was worse than malaria! So Alex did not see the lion. Alas. Post lion sighting I was still insistent that the eye pain would pass quickly and so convinced Alex to join us on a boat trip down the Nile to see the famous Murchison Falls. Alex spent the journey wearing Danica’s hat pulled low across his face and my sunglasses whilst he silently cried trying to remove whatever was in his eye. Needless to say. I was not in the good books. Post 3 hour boat ride we decided to take action. Things were getting serious. We googled ‘how to give an eye bath’ and followed the instructions closely before heading back to camp so Alex could rest. It seems the eye bath did the trick as after an hour or so kip Alex woke up with his eye much improved and ready for action. Unfortunately we were by that point long out of the park and far away from any lions. Oh well, there’s always next time…

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