About us

We are Katie and Alex and next year we are moving to Kampala, Uganda.

If you are anything like the majority of our friends and family your reaction will be somewhere between ‘oh my god – are you mad!?!?’ to ‘Wow that’s very exciting’. So let’s start with why.

In 2009 a love for Africa was instilled in us after an overland driving trip from the UK to South Africa. An epic road trip; 17000 miles, 3 continents, 8 months in an £800 Land Rover called Carol. Since then life has never quite been the same.

We’ve both set up businesses in the last few years, we recently got married and we have a lovely dog called Madge. Life is good, we are settled. However perhaps we are too settled too soon. It is time for another adventure.

We have been keen to go back to Africa since our road trip and we want to experience living there rather than just rushing through looking for the nearest mechanic as we seemed to spend so much time doing in 2009. So we are off. In March 2016. #touganda

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